Tea Over Interiors Episode 30: The Art of Perfuming Your Home, Complete Your Space


030: The Art Of Perfuming Your Home Tea Over Interiors: Interior Design Podcast

This week we are talking how to infuse scent beautifully into the home to complete your space. In this episode you will learn: 1. How to use decorative elements to create scent 2. What scents are powerful 3. How to repurpose your old candle vessels As always Dee has a random fact for you, so grab a cup of tea, share this episode with some friends and let's get to it! To shop the scents from today's episode click here. This podcast is edited using Descript the easiest way to transcribe and edit. — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/teaoverinteriors/message Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/teaoverinteriors/support

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Episode 30 The Art of Perfuming the Home

Dee: [00:00:00] I’m Dee

Alicja: and I’m Alicja

Dee: Welcome to Tea Over interiors How you doing, Alicja?

Alicja: I’m doing great. So looking forward to this year, it’s going to be awesome. I am convinced of it.

Dee: You bring about what you think about.

Today’s topic, Alicja, I figured, it’s a new year, it’s time to, if you don’t already do this, inject something new into your home that maybe you don’t practice all year around, but how about we make it a ritual.

We’re going to talk about the art of perfuming your home. Some people might be like, what does she mean by that? Well, what I mean by that is how do you incorporate sense throughout your home? So that way, when you come in from a long day or anyone that walks into your house, they’re always greeted by a beautiful scent.

We’re going to get to that. But before we do. You know, I need to know girl,[00:01:00]

Alicja: I sipping on a peach nectar tea. It’s really delicious. It tastes just like fresh peaches.

Dee: Hmm.

Alicja: That nice.

Dee: Really nice. Yeah.

Alicja: Reminds me of summer, even though it’s not

Dee: I like that peach to bring it back to , a warmer summer vibe feeling.

Alicja: And it does. It’s really nice by the way, by the way, it’s fragrant too. So it has that kind of the perfuming of it actually is filling the air. It’s a tea, but it’s really nice. So there you go.

What are you having?

Dee: What I’m sippin” on it’s called purple magic. It’s magic because. I don’t know how they make this flavor taste the way it does , it tastes like apples and strawberry. It is so delicious. It has antioxidants in it. You know, I love my tea to work for me. I’m gonna have to post this for you, but well, no, I can’t. I have to wait until it gets back in stock because then everybody will be mad. Like , well I went and they didn’t have anymore. [00:02:00] So

Alicja: People don’t sound like that. I’m just saying,

Dee: They do in my head.

Alicja: Oh, the people in your head, there you go. Now we know.

Dee: Okay.

They going to be like they came back drunk


Well, okay, so it’s been raining like cats and dogs. The last few days, I thought that it would be fun for me to talk about. What’s that smell in the air before rain, after rain and during rain, you know how people like it’s going to rain,

Alicja: You’re going to share with us, you can tell us what that smell is.

Dee: I’m going to tell you gurl. I have known this for awhile because I’m kinda like. A fun fact buff. I guess I just gather facts throughout my lifetime and I just storm ’em in my brain. in 1964, Australian scientists coined the term. Petrichor for what you’re smelling. It’s a unique, earthy smell associated with [00:03:00] rain. The water from the rain and compounds like ozone geosmites and plant oils create the smell which is released from soil into the air, by the rain raindrops.

And it can be detected by the human nose less than five parts per trillion. So we’re highly sensitive.

Is very interesting, right?

Alicja: Scientific. Very interesting.

Dee: Yes. So now, you know, it’s calledPetrichor. The next time you’re like, I smell Petrichor. It’s going to rain.

Alicja: That’s awesome. That’s really cool. Wow.

Dee: Alicja, it is time for us to talk about our topic of the day, which is the art of perfuming your home.

Fragrance is an accessory, it’s often overlooked when people are designing their homes. You worry about the lighting artwork and all these other things. There’s different companies out there that make the art of perfuming your home an experience one such [00:04:00] company that I like is Diptique and

Cire Trudon

we actually sell that product Alicja , in a link on our website, as well as our Instagram and in the show notes you’ll be able to find the different fragrances that we sell. I have this beautiful hourglass diffuser that I purchased from diptique

it’s so beautiful has like a gold center. The perfume oils are at the bottom and you could flip it over it just makes A small room smell so good. It looks like a work of art.

It blends in. With your decor. So that’s where the art comes in. You can use different ceramic diffusers room sprays, scented papers electric diffusers, and wax pallets and things like that

Sent is directly linked to your emotions and memories. I can bring all your design elements together to create an experience when it transforms the ambience [00:05:00] of your home into an inviting and relaxing oasis

but I’m all about those decorative pieces. And that’s where the art of perfuming your home comes in. Anything you’d like to add to that, Alicja?

Alicja: Well, I love all of the fragrances that evoke a sense of wellness and some of the sense that evoke those those emotions or feelings are. You know, specific.

And some of them are all from nature. The essence of those natural things will just kind of nestle you in and envelop you and just make you feel really, really. Well and good. For instance, the the essence of pear, the pear smell.

It’s fragrance is like, the flesh it’s very grainy and juicy and crunchy, velvety inside. You can actually feel those feelings, the essence of those things when you are smelling [00:06:00] pear. I Use a lot of candles in my house, but if you’re seeking out the smell that would evoke those feelings of wellness, the crispness of that fragrance can be very invigorating.

It’s a sunny kind of. I have a smell. And you could look for pear scented, essential oils or pear scented candles, or something with pear. There are a lot of different ones like that.

Cedar is. That can evoke a certain sense of wellness because of the smell. So I could go through a whole bunch of them,

Dee: I like sandalwood and I like ginger. I like very strong scents. So I like blood orange and I like lavender and peppermint. Those are the sense that I like, but I definitely agree with you with how the pear makes you feel and evokes, those different scents and emotions, you know, I’ve never noticed that they have a very strong scent.

That’s very interesting for me.

Alicja: Really [00:07:00] it depends on at what stage in the ripening process, you cut a pear because green pear, very hard. Some people like to eat their pears like that. Very hard and crisp. I like my pears almost soft and mushy, not mushy, but like super soft. There’s certain pears that will give a stronger scent.

The Bosc pears are like that. And what is my other favorite one? Anjou. Oh my goodness. Yummy. And you can smell the difference. So, yeah.

Dee: As far as creating these rituals in one’s home I recommend different things that are more natural, like oil warmers that use essential oils, diffusers, or anything that use essential oils like candles. As well as candles that use perfume coconut waxes or even wooden wicks.

so that way you’re not inhaling harmful substances into your lungs and things like that. Most importantly, you can make a lot of these [00:08:00] sense yourself, right? So you can make your own room sprays .

On our blog this week, I will be listing different recipes for things you can make for your home, from your own diffusers to room sprays. There’s a lovely lemon basil room spray that I have a recipe for that I’ll share with you. There’s lots of different ways to perfume your home.

It’s so funny. Like today we, had a candle lit. Only for like maybe an hour or two, and the set went through the whole house cause it’s a very strong candle and it’s pretty big. And we left the house, came back like maybe two or three hours later.

Alicja: And you had blown out the candle?

Dee: The. Oh, yeah, no, the candle is out when we were gone.

Yes. Always blow your candles out before you fall asleep. I did that the other day forgot to blow my candle out before I fell asleep, woke up in the middle of the night to a raging flame. Wasn’t a fire, but it, the candle had burned down [00:09:00] so far that the paper on the jar was melted. Okay. So don’t forget to block your candles.

If you feel even slightly bit tired, don’t get to blow it out. yes, we turned out the candle came back home and the house still smelt like we were burning it.

Alicja: That’s nice.

Dee: It was so delicious. And so heavenly. I know people like those plugins, but you know what, just like a word of caution with those. A lot of times they use synthetic scents and you want to make sure you get one that uses essential oils.

I bought a wall plugin for our bathroom, like a small area in our bathroom it’s a small diffuser and it has a disc like a I think it was a cotton disc or something. It was biodegradable material. You soak the disc with the essential oil that you either have at home, or that you can buy put a couple drops, make the disc a little wet, stick it inside.

There’s like a place for it and close it up and turn it on when you plug it in and man, [00:10:00] there you go natural scent right there for your home without having to use anything synthetic. Be sure to be on the lookout for those kinds of things. The reason why I buy really expensive candles is because of the materials they use to make their waxes for the candle, as well as their wicks.

I like to use candles that burn very cleanly. So that’s why we also sell candles that burn very cleanly and that are made from good ingredients.

But you do have to pay more for the good ingredients. The best part though, is that they burn longer. They have a longer burning time than a lot of the inexpensive candles that are on the market. So it’s just something to think about when it comes to that. Right. Would you agree Alicja

Alicja: That’s correct? Yup.

Dee: And like I was saying about the vessels that some of these things come in, beautiful glass and you can use these vessels when you’re done. If you want to become a candle maker, you can reuse these jars for [00:11:00] yourself. I definitely recommend cleaning those out and you could use it for different things. Some people use them for, pencil holders, sponge holders, depending on the size.

Right. Alicja, there’s so many different things you could do with these glass vessels once they’re done.

Alicja: Have one nest candle. Right at my sink. I didn’t realize that I was repurposing the the piece for my sponge and , my little natural scrubber and one of my friends came in. She said, what a good idea that you’re repurposing that using the nest candle holder. Beautiful frosted glass.

Dee: Very pretty. I did the same thing. I got the idea from you. Well, I’ve always reuse, my candle things, but I never used them like around the house.

Like I used to use them when I was in school, to put my art supplies, like my pencils, because I just liked the way my Pannetone colored pencils looked inside of it, you know, when they splayed all out. So I would use the jars for that, but after I saw you as I was like, Hey. I have a [00:12:00] candle, a frosty candle glass too, that I just cleaned out and I put it by my sink also.

So I copied off you, Alicja.

Alicja: That’s good. That’s what we do. We learn from each other. Let me tell you somebody talking about expensive, that’s like $150 candle. Like, can you imagine? Sorry. That’s really good quality. I mean, it’s beautiful. The fragrance, I don’t know how long I had the candle. Must’ve been months.

Dee: Yeah, I like nest, but the only thing is I can’t find anywhere what they make their wicks and candles out of. So I’ve never actually purchased any I did buy a Jo Malone candle before only because that one had the ingredients, they do use soy sometime, but that’s why I’m a big fan of. Dyptique and cire Trudon only because I can get their ingredients of what they make, their candles and their waxes out of much easier.

I have to be careful with what goes into my body. It’s a little sensitive [00:13:00] y’all I have to watch everything. I can. I’m a little sensitive, you know what I mean? Give, but some people might say, how do you clean those candles when you’re done? I actually found a way you would put your candle in a freezer overnight.

And then usually by the next morning, you could just slightly tap it on the counter and that little leftover piece of wax should just fall right out. Did you know that? How do you clean it?

It’s that easy?

Yeah, you would just put in a freezer. They get. You let it sit for a few minutes to kind of defrost a little bit and it should slide right out.

Alicja: Wow.

Yeah. I think I did read that somewhere before, but I don’t know. I just, I always, I never had problems getting anything out of the containers of the glass. Yeah, but I usually burn the candle until there’s nothing left.

Yeah. But there’s usually still that tiny bit with the silver thing for WIC. That little [00:14:00] tiny bit of something can be so annoying to get out. That’s true.

Dee: Yeah. So make sure you’re reusing everything repurposing. I love a good repurpose,

Alicja: I’ve put flowers in it. I’ve done flower arrangements in them.

Oh yeah.

Dee: Little short, like bouquets, I used to make flowers like that when I was, doing things for a certain company, when I used to do their visuals I used to love doing that.

Alicja: I have taken not votives, but maybe like small pillars and put them inside and a repurposed I just put them in there. I do it all the time because I liked the container, but I’ve burned all of the the candle and I’m like, okay, I need a new candle to put into this because I just love the receptacle, you know? Hmm.

Dee: So do you have anything else you want to add? Alicja?

No, mama. I’m very good today. Thank you for initiating this wonderful conversation.

Yes. And I just want to remind everyone that perfuming, your home, it’s an art people and it begins with candles. It begins with ceramic diffusers. Like I said, scented papers, wax pallets room sprays. Plug in diffusers, wall diffusers, but also you want them to be decorative pieces. Sometimes if you can find that beautiful decorative, different styled, diffuser it can make all the difference to your space and help to transform your home and bring everything together. So don’t forget check out the blog, make sure you’re following us because you will see some of the highlights from this episode of the things we talked about please remember rate, subscribe to this podcast, share it with a friend right underneath our description no pressure. Five stars would be great though.

Join us next week with your favorite cup of tea take care. Everybody

Alicja: Looking forward to it.

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