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Simple Tips for Intentional Living

Holistic lifestyle advice for those seeking to live more sustainably. Join us every Thursday to feel inspired and motivated to reimagine what’s possible with your home


  • 059: Art Is For Everyone

    059: Art Is For Everyone

    Summary Click to Sip (What we are sippin’ on, fall flavors from David’s Tea) Welcome back to Tea Over Interiors! In this week’s episode, we are talking about art is in everything and is accessible to everyone. We live and you live in someone’s artistic expression from the style of your home to your furniture […]

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  • 057:Why Ventilation Is Important In The Home

    Summary Sip With Us ! (David’s Tea )Click to try out what we are sipping in this episode Supporting our affiliates supports this podcast.   Welcome back to Tea Over Interiors, we are a bit stuffy this episode due to allergies and poor ventilation! That is why this week we are discussing how to properly […]

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  • 056: Vacay Vibes @Home (Full episode)

    056: Vacay Vibes @Home (Full episode)

    Summary Welcome back to Tea Over Interiors, this week Dee is traveling for work but can’t leave you without an episode. This week we have the full episode with our interview with the inquisitive tourist, in case you missed it. It’s longer than our usual episodes but it is informative and fun! Next week we […]

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  • Creating Your Own Room Spray (Recipe)

    Creating Your Own Room Spray (Recipe)

    Making your own homemade sprays and cleaners can be fun and easy. You can customize your scents and you know all the ingredients and many you may already have on hand. Here is a room spray that I also use as a linen spray since the ingredients are pretty much the same. You can and […]

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  • 055: Tea Rooms &Such

    055: Tea Rooms &Such

    Summary Shop Now To Try Our Drinks From This Episode! Welcome back to Tea Over Interiors. This week Alicja and Dee are discussing, rather they are debating  whether or not you should dedicate a space in your home to enjoy tea (Dee wins 😊)  Dee brings back the randomness. We discuss that we charted on […]

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  • 052: What Are Necessary Home Upgrades?

    052: What Are Necessary Home Upgrades?

    Summary Welcome back to Tea Over Interiors, this week we are dishing about home upgrades  during a renovation and how to save money in your home in general. Alicja answers the question to spend or not to spend as suggested by a listener. Have a topic you want to hear discussed? Email us at: [email protected] […]

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