Tea Over Interiors Episode 29: 2022 Top Design Trends

029: Top New Design Trends 2022 Tea Over Interiors: Interior Design Podcast

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Episode 29 2022 Trends

Dee: [00:00:00] Two Aquarius brains… much better than one. It’s our birthday month guys! Oh my gosh.

It’s my birthday. (Alicja and Dee vocalizing)

Everybody, my birthday’s the 24th and Alicia’s is the 25th and that’s why you guys love us so much.

Alicja: I can’t wait. We’re going to have much fun this year.

Dee: Guys, don’t forget if you want to give us a birthday present, you know what the best gift would be subscribing to this podcast and following and telling all your friends about it and coming back every week and rating it. Yes.

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And that would be the best birthday present for the both of us. Would you agree with?

Alicja: I would totally agree. That’s fabulous, please [00:01:00] yes.

Dee: I’m Dee

Alicja: I am Alicia

Dee: Happy New Year!

Alicja: We having a good new year. We having a good New Year.

Dee: Yes, yes yes put it out there in the air woohoo

Welcome back everybody to Tea over interiors .We are back from our short Christmas vacation, hiatus, whatever you want to call it. And today we are just going to jump right into it. And we are going to tell you the top trends for 2022, Alicia and I are going to discuss them and tell you whether or not we believe it.

Alicja: How about that? Yeah, we’re just going to discuss whether or not we believe it sounds good.

Dee: And you know what, before we get to that, you guys know what I need to know.

Alicia, what you sippin’ on girl.

Alicja: I have some papaya leaf tea today.

Dee: Hmm, sounds delicioso.

Alicja: Yeah. It’s [00:02:00] different though. I don’t even know how to explain it. I actually have to think about what it tastes like .

Dee: Does it taste like a papaya juice or does it taste , what does it taste like?

Alicja: No, it doesn’t taste like papaya juice. It doesn’t taste anything.

It’s mild.

I’m working on it. Get back to me.

Dee: For Christmas this year, my sister knows how much I love tea. Right. She’s always thinking of me . And she brought me some tea from Just tea. Called purple chocolate. It’s made from purple tea leaves and chocolate cocoa. And those are the only two ingredients. You know what it reminds me of though? I know you’ve probably had this before Jamaican chocolate tea.

Alicja: Oh yeah.

Dee: I gave some to Shawn and he loved it. Thanks to my sister for the tea that I’m sipping on today.

Alicja: Very nice.

Dee: All right, Alicia, you know what it’s time for?

Alicja: Yes, [00:03:00] let’s hear it.

Dee: We’re going to be talking about trends today. I thought it would be fitting to discuss what was the first marble extraction. Do you know when that was?

Are you kidding?

Of course not. Okay. It happened in Greece. It can be dated back to the third century BC and the islands of Peros.

I hope I’m saying it right. And Knocos, I’m trying to say it like I’m Greek. Don’t be mad at me out there,in the Aegean Sea marble extraction on these islands became popular and got a dominant position in the ancient world. In Anatolia, it was called the cradle of civilization and marble was used in construction of homes, tombs, temples, and sculptures during the Roman and Byzantine era. Italy, they don’t show their first extraction until 155 BC. What’s very interesting is that you fast [00:04:00] forward. (Dee makes fast forward sound)

Alicja: Now we have sound effects, ok.

Dee: Yup. Turkey is the leader in marble export right now with 42% share in the global market. Anyway. That’s our randomness for today.

Alicja: Lovely.

Dee: We’re gonna move into 10 trends forecasted for 2022 and Alicia and I are going to let you know whether or not we believe in new trends. This is a commentary episode because I’m going to be reading from house beautiful.com. Their interior design trends. That will be huge. They say in 2022. That’s what they say, but let’s see what Alicia and Dee says. Number one, Alicja they say more vintage than ever. (Clanging noise) Oh, sorry.- Alicja


Alicja: I was trying to sweeten my tea a little [00:05:00] bit because it’s a little bitter, but go ahead. Like seriously, that was my sugar dish. (Dee- Did you break it?) No girl, it didn’t break. Okay. Was that?

Dee: Oh, gosh, editing. Okay. (Alicja- Just leave it in!)

I may have to they’re going to think we on crack coming back from this episode. Okay. More vintage than ever is going to be the first trend we’re talking about and it’s due to the shortages in the supply chains and the increased focus on the environment. I have something to say about this. Can I just jump in real quick, please do we know that I’ve been a sustainable person slash designer since the beginning of time. And I always believe furniture deserves to have the longest life possible. It is always going to be in style vintage [00:06:00] or traditional furniture always save any environment and our planet should never be a trend. That’s what I have to say about that. I just feel we should always upcycle, always find a way to give something new life. Don’t put that real piece of wood on the curb, unless, you know, I’m going to come by and pick it up anyway, but go ahead. Give me your thoughts on that vintage.

Alicja: I agree. Okay. Now vintage. I’m all about, and I think it’s, you know, they say it’s a new trend, fine, whatever. It’s an ongoing trend. Okay. You got to, infuse just for the sake of character. I’d comb the stores, all of them. I go to, sometimes I go to two and three in one day because I’m looking and I don’t even have to be on a mission to find anything in particular. I love vintage shops. I love those, thrift stores, you know, places that may [00:07:00] have vintage furniture because they just, you never know what you’re going to find in there.

And I love the fact that they’re always mad cheap. Hey either they don’t care or they don’t have the slightest idea what they have. You know, I just.

Dee: I love the fact that they don’t have the slightest idea what they have.

Alicja: Good furniture never gets old though.

That’s the thing. And , people don’t understand it. It’s not about styling. It’s about character. It’s about I’ll even go as far as saying integrity, you know, it’s just, authentic it’s amazing. It’s an old house. You know how I am definitely love an old house.

Dee: The workmanship craftsmanship and pride.

All right. Let’s move on to number two.

Alicja: By the way. Yeah. I could not handle the tea. That was really too bitter, papaya leaf. I don’t, know, maybe I did it wrong. Stepped it too long. I don’t know, but that was a way to bitter.

I had to switch it up to a new Tea just FYI.

Dee: What’s your new tea, now ?

Alicja: The cinnamon spice, that hot cinnamon spice. Really, really [00:08:00] good.

It was too. It was bitter. I was , what the, I didnt have it in that long, but I really probably could have had it in for one second. That’s horrible. Maybe people , maybe that’s a taste, it’s an acquired taste.

Dee: Number two, Alicja. Plenty of natural materials.

All right. They said, we’ll see a focus on natural materials, especially in spaces living rooms. Living room design trends are marrying the revolution against fast fashion. Now aiming for longevity and time.

Individuals are seeking a more responsible approach to design that their living spaces live longer. First of all, you live in spaces should live longer because if you’re working with a designer, you spend your really good money to acquire, to acquire these things. And you know what, most of the time, I must say, when you deal with an interior designer, your space usually is going to end up timeless anyway, right?

Would’nt you say?

Alicja: Absolutely[00:09:00] I think what happens a lot of times, and I’ve had this happen, you know, I’ve been doing this long enough to have seen some of my things look like they need to be refreshed. Some of my projects, I mean, you’re right. You may have to change very seldom. It’s a whole room.

It’ll be maybe chairs or the fabric, you know, and it’s not because it’s ugly or it doesn’t work it’s because it kind of dates the space. You know, it feels , you said, it was done in the eighties or, well,

Dee: Yeah. And your taste changes about every 10 to 15 years or some people sooner, but I mean, if you could get 10 years out of the living room, then you’ve done amazing.

Be proud of yourself.

Alicja: Hmm. I’m in agreement with that.

Dee: But I don’t, that’s not a new trend though, number three, black accents, eyes rolling again.

Alicja: Eyes rolling again, for sure. For sure. [00:10:00] Eyes rolling. Big time. Come on. Okay. Sorry. It’s my eyeliner comment, you know, it’s , you got to have the eyeliner, you gotta have the, or the punctuation.

You have to have something that just, you know, helps to define.

Every room has to have a black accent something to make the area, you know, have some depth adding more black to.

Dee: As your accent would definitely help to make it stand out and lend to that sophistication. Right.

I feel it’s a timeless addition to the home decor. I agree.

We’re going to switch gears and we’re going to go a little more sophisticated on you guys.

We were just having fun in the beginning. According to architectural digest, there are nine trends according to Charish that you are going to see in home decor. Okay. We were talking about [00:11:00] home trends.

Now we’re going to home decor trends. Okay. What are you going to expect this year? According to architectural digest, What are you going to expect this year is what we talked about. Vintage items and things that. You want to elaborate on that a little bit?

Alicja: I believe that if you are able to have pieces that are very, and not just vintage, but pieces that feel they were extracted from, I won’t say relics or artifacts, but if they feel maybe they’re reproductions that they were taken from someplace now, I to take pieces from architecture, corbels or , a pediment or some type of column, or maybe some piece of decorative millwork that came off of a building and I would have something that in my home.

Makes a difference when things look like they came from another era another time. And I don’t mean 10 years [00:12:00] ago, but hundreds of years ago. Very cool.

Dee: And I think that’s all about the story that your home tells, right? Because you know, your home is telling a story. when you have these pieces that feel from antiquity or, you know, from a bias, it’s about to say, people might say, oh, what is this piece? And you might say, oh, you know, I went to Kenya and I stopped by the market and blah, blah, blah. You know, and you can discuss that object or that item that you brought back and also a nice way to incorporate and to really show off these pieces to, elevate and you need to really draw attention to the things you love.

One way you can do that is, you said, by using those columns, columns are really popular again. You can use a column just to elevate that piece and make it feel. Piece of art that it [00:13:00] is, even if it’s a face mask or something you don’t want to put that on a low piece of furniture.

I recently went on vacation and I saw it was really interesting and it’s nothing that I hadn’t seen before, but I liked the application.

It was the backdrop for the bar. It was hand carved, hand painted. It was very, very detailed and very ornate. That was now part of the architecture of the room. And I thought that was just spectacular, a very good use of material and have something that tells a story because you’re not going to walk in that room and not ask where they got that from. Or what is that, or how did they, where did this come from? It starts a conversation visually. Interesting.

It’s very important to have these found object pieces because they go really nicely, especially if your places, if you’re more of a minimalist [00:14:00] and you don’t use too much furniture, you allow everything to stand out, you know?

And it just, it just makes your space that much more unique and incredible. You won’t see it anywhere else, you know? Cause right now, you know, we see a lot of cookie cutter, right. Alicja, a lot of cookie cutter going on. Another thing that they mentioned is contemporary surrealism. Okay. What’s the realism.

Some people may ask, it’s having a moment right now and it’s experimenting with two dimensional perspective alongside bold color combinations.

Alicja: Yeah. I see it a lot. I’ve done it. It’s not, it’s not terribly dramatic, which it can be, but I’ve done it in my living room because I found two very quirky chairs.

For my house and the end, the style that I decorated, it really is unexpected. And once again, [00:15:00] that’s what, this surrealism is about. It’s about the unexpected. It’s about the, not quite sure. It, it really goes because it, it doesn’t go. And that’s the point, you know, the point is that it doesn’t go and it creates enough intrigue for you and what it does is it forces you to make sure that the conversation between the other elements in the room is more fluid. It doesn’t feel you just threw some crazy thing in the room. It’s really, it’s a very, should I say sophisticated as well as difficult.

And challenging way to design because it’s not for the faint of heart, you know, you really have to work at that one when you say,

It could add a fun element depending on what you choose.

Experiment with one or two things, nothing you don’t want the whole place to look crazy and weird. But again, that’s up to you.

Yeah. I think that’s that’s a little [00:16:00] more complicated and not everybody can get away with doing that one. And I don’t think everybody should try, you

know, I don’t think either because you could end up wasting a lot of money on something that you’re , why did I do this?

Now we’re talking about antique tapestries.

Okay. I’m all about the layering. I think this is an opportunity to layer. I’m going to suggest to do it in bedding. You could actually find an antique tapestry or you could go out and look for antique textiles, text. And the embellishment, if you will, on an antique piece is just stunning.

Now the combination of lace and linen, , sometime the quilting and just the difference in textures within a particular piece. I have a blanket on my, on my bed and it has about three different textures on it.

And I, I don’t ever use it as a blanket. I just use it as a runner, if you will. [00:17:00] I’ve folded it three times. It’s at the very bottom of the bed and , it just adds a layer of texture and a layer of, tonality it’s definitely, it’s got a lace and the lace has, doesn’t have beading, but it has hand embroidery.

And then there’s a very blue clay type of a it’s just, it’s just a visually interesting blanket. And I was , yo, I got to buy this because I didn’t even know what I was going to do with it. I literally had it probably for three years before I decided to layer it on a white, on cream, on white type of bed.


Dee: I liked the tapestry sometimes on a chair, a side chair that will look you or a pillow or something that, you know, small doses.

If you want to try it out, they’re saying you’ll find it on bed frames cushions and other furnishings and accessories. Canopy style beds, benches, and headboards, as well as upholstery as far as your eye can [00:18:00] see. The next thing is marble everywhere. Alicia, they’re saying use more marble in 2022. What do you think?

Alicja: Listen, I love my marble, you know, I love marble and I think it’s fantastic. I don’t know about everywhere though. I’ve seen some evidence of overkill on the marble, but you know, listen, you came into my kitchen recently. Marble is back. Let’s just put it that way and it’s okay. .

Dee: Netta doing marbleized candles, marbleized lamps. I don’t the full marble though. I don’t , I don’t it. I’m not in love with those full Marvel prints. No,

Alicja: either

Dee: Okay. The other thing is something that. Fo tortoise, give it to us, which should things

Alicja: I don’t fo I Mel, I guess I do, because I have these glasses. I have these wonderful, huge mugs. And then I have these I think they’re from Nordstrom’s they were beautiful wine [00:19:00] glasses. They were a gift actually.

Have a beautiful set of those. I love the tortoise. Love it and love it. It’s just a deep, rich brown Amber color. And then you’ve got this wonderful, speckles of chocolate or rich brown and black.

Dee: I love it. Tortoise is great. And they’re saying that you’ll see it in items that exemplify the Hollywood Regency style. You’ll see it in coffee tables, octagonal, Lucite, trays, and more.

Alicja: Hmm. Okay. I’m done with it. I’m all over it.

Dee: Okay. You liked that one.

Alicja: You probably gonna see me use it because I love it.

Dee: Okay. Another thing they are saying is nastalgic florals.

Alicja: Oh yeah. Yeah. Well, you know, I’ve been around long enough to know that there are some prints that are very Scalamandre and Schumacher.

And there are a lot of [00:20:00] these florals. Historically classic thing. They never go out of style. There are a ton of money, but they’re beautiful.

Dee: They say florals and botanical imagery is ready to take over interiors on your wallpapers. Your wall hangings and even your pillows. Okay.

Alicja: Yeah. That’s, that’s some coming back stuff because that is definitely some old school stuff that’s called out.

And you know what? I bought some pillows the other day and I really was drawn to the florals. I’ve took them back because that’s not my style. Yeah, they’re out there. There are a lot of them and they’re very attractive. They had my favorite flowers, one of my favorite flowers. They had the hydrangea, the wonderful balloons all over it splattered.

It was very pretty

Dee: Well I will be using florals as always on my tables in a vase. That’s as much floral as I could take. You know what? I used to dress very Bohemian. Alicja. I don’t [00:21:00] know if you realize, but all my dresses in my closet was floral and I sold them all. I was , what the heck? I’m not believing it no more.

I can’t stand. I don’t want to look at another flower except for in a vase, but I didn’t realize every single dress nothing wrong with it though. I still love the Bohemian style. I’m still attracted to it, but I just, I just can’t do it no more. Anyway. Side note, another thing they’re saying is game rooms.

Alicja: Yeah.

Dee: Interesting. Yeah. I mean, I feel people always had game rooms. I don’t think, you know, your game room is ever going to go out of style. I know plenty of people, even when I was growing up, they had a game room where there was pool table and food’s bull and all the stuff you can dream of.

I think it’s called a man-cave.

Our game rooms was in our bedrooms and a living room was not a place to play, but we did when you was at home.

Mommy. Ha. And (both laughing)

Alicja: I would tell you something. [00:22:00] My sister, my, my youngest sister brought two or three games to Christmas dinner and we played them. Do you remember all back in the day we used to do charades. We used to do, have fun games and, you know, We did that. And we did it virtually.

Now the game they’ve upped it they’ve upped it a lot because nowadays you can do it virtually and they give you all these little paraphernalia to do it. And then we had it projected on the television and used the Alexa to help us. It was, it was really fun, but I’m gonna tell you something. People are since we’re spending much time at home now because of the pandemic and you know, COVID, I think game rooms don’t have to be literally game rooms.

They do have to be a space in your house where now we’re reintroducing gains game boards. You can have a game table, you can have a game board, you can have a chest, beautiful chest, a table, checkers, [00:23:00] chess you can do cards. You can have four people sitting there. Two people sitting there really cool stuff you can introduce into your day.

Dee: Yes. And that actually leads to one of the other trends from House. Beautiful. We didn’t, we didn’t get to is that versatile spaces. And that also goes hand in hand. You can create a game room out of a space that is versatile AKA flex spaces, which we talked about. And one of our episodes, I think it was episode 21.

Don’t kill me. You guys may have to go back a little bit, but yes, we talked about flex spaces and how to create them. And game rooms, I agree is either a game room, or if you don’t live in a house fortunate enough to make a complete room into a game room, then you know, you could create a game area, you know, or a place that can be flipped into a game area whenever company comes over.

We can help with [00:24:00] that too. The last thing, Alicja, I’m going to say. Is metal shades.

Alicja: Once again, everything that is on here, I did what a year ago, two years ago, when I’m redoing my house, I don’t think these things ever got a style, but yeah. I mean, you know, it’s been back, I’ve got those two cantilevering over my kitchen sink.

Those are metal, they’re black metal, but they’re metal. Yeah. There are two metals. They’re actually a gold and black. I think that’s not uncommon. It’s not a new trend it’s been going on for quite some time, actually.

Dee: Yeah. I’ve always liked metal lampshades I do a lot of mid century modern that wraps it up for our house beautiful trends of 2020 forecast, as well as our architectural digest, take on the top trends for 2022. You have any questions about these trends. You want to know how to use these trends, then feel free to drop us a [00:25:00] line and set up an appointment with us. We would love to discuss your projects.

Alicja: Sounds good.

Looking forward to it. It was a good one. My sister,

Dee: We were a little crazy today, guys. Sorry about that, but don’t forget it’s our birthday month. Go ahead and hit subscribe, share with your friends. Follow us on Insta at Tuesday, Morrison staging design, even if you don’t listen to us every week, we want you to do, but even if you don’t get a chance, just go ahead and follow any way, because that is helpful and smash that five star button for us.

We love you and happy new year see ya next week take care. Bye-bye.

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