050: What Colors Most Affect Your Mood


Last week we discussed Chakras and Architecture. This week listen in as we discuss how color affects your mood. 

Three takeaways:

1. What colors can we use in the home to promote abundance?

2. What colors provide tranquility?

3. How can we market and brand our homes to ourselves?

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Dee: [00:00:00] I’m Dee

Alicja: And I’m Alicia. And welcome back to another episode of Tea Over interiors. Thanks so much for joining us today’s topic. We will be discussing how color affects your mood.

That’s a good one.

Dee: So before we get to that, Alicia, you know, I need to know girl, what you sipping on.

Alicja: I have a green tea today.

Mandarin orange, green tea. Actually, I don’t taste the orange as much as. It’s a good smelling tea too.

Dee: Nice. Nice.

Alicja: So what you sippin’ on ?

Dee: Well, this morning, I am sipping on some mint ginger tea. I made it I put a bit of raw honey in it only because I was out last night ? You know how you gotta talk loud over the music?

Alicja: Yeah

Dee: so let me soothe my vocal chords this morning.

All right, everyone. Let’s move on to today’s topic, which is how color affects your mood. And the way that we interact with our environment. Color has varying [00:01:00] wavelengths those wavelengths can affect us psychologically and seasons are also defined by colors. And then color also dictates the time of day. Hmm. We can wake up in the morning and precisely, almost to a tee. Know what time we woke up. Early morning, mid morning, late morning, afternoon. You just know by the color of the sky, right?

Alicja: The hue.


Dee: Exactly.

You have a feel the feeling no.

Alicja: Based on the season too, because


Dee: Yeah. And so colors also resonate with our memories. As well as our cultural conditioning. So I went to a wedding last night and here in America, most of the time the bride wears white. . But in some cultures, The bride does not wear white. Some cultures use white for mourning but here in America we use white for celebration and it represents purity. Cleanliness. New starts, [00:02:00] right. New. Right. And then we use black as a color of mourning, but we also use black for elegant professionalism in the workplace, color has so many definitions and so many uses in our life.

Although I have seen a trend now of black wedding dresses. I haven’t been to a wedding yet where the bride is wearing black.

Alicja: I have you. They were a very mature couple and they were elegant and sophisticated black also evokes sophistication

it married again? I might try that,

Dee: I was gonna ask you now, was this the first


Alicja: I don’t know girl. I was on in the business like that

Dee: the reason why I ask is because I’ve noticed that when it’s like a second marriage or a vow, renewal, , they wear whatever color they like, they wear green that’s of course, you know, all these other different colors.

Alicja: You earn that right. Once you get to that stage. Absolutely. Exactly.

Dee: Whatever mm-hmm exactly. We really need to pay attention. To how colors affect us and make us feel.

Alicja: I have some color theory stuff[00:03:00] that I. I wanted to talk about right. Mm-hmm okay. You got some of that too.

Dee: I’m going to talk about their energy signature,

Alicja: we all know that colors typically evoke emotions and this is why let’s see branding people or marketing people, or, you know, large companies specify colors that will help to sell a brand or associate a feeling with a brand.

And I know that it really translates for anyone who’s old enough to start doing any decorating in a home or you know, making selections for their life. It could be closed. Colors say something to us. They give us a feeling. Some of this is socialized, right?

We’ve been given those cues from things that we’ve experienced in our consumer life, whether we’ve gone out and purchased stuff. It’s really huge marketing, but I believe that some of it is. innate. And you tell me if you agree or [00:04:00] disagree with this. Reds, oranges, yellows, evoke a feeling of warmth.

And consequently people think that it reminds them of sunshine. It reminds them of brightness and it gives them an uplifted feeling. I would say that that is so especially when I see yellow does definitely make you feel uplifted.

So if you’re putting yellow in your home, I used it in my sunroom. It’s not a bright yellow. And then that’s another conversation that we’ll have about the saturation of color. How much of that when you’re talking about using it in a residential or even a commercial space,

Dee: So you mentioned yellows and orange and brown. Those are all warm and radiant colors that are found in nature. And they’re related to the harvest season, a lot of times deep earthy shades indicate strength and endurance

Alicja: blues and greens and purples, those are typically calming colors.

Dee: Purple flowers in a Vase. You can invite prosperity [00:05:00] in your home. According to function way principles and purple is often connected to our health and our abundance as well as royalty and elegance. And that’s kind of why I think I used to wear so much purple when I was younger.

I used to think I was like Regal . Cause I used to see the Kings and Queens in it.

Alicja: Yeah, it’s a Royal color, absolutely blue

Dee: and red make purple. The red is the fire and you got the blue that, the calm. That’s why it creates that inner piece and it balances those two strong colors. It’s also associated with your crown chakra, if you’re into chakras it is related to wisdom and enlightenment. So amethyst in this category would be a good crystal to be used in your home as a protection stone.

I use amethyst. I keep amethyst in my car And pale and deep violet can also create balance and calm.

When you use green in your home, green is a symbol of empathy and emotional healing, blues teals these are all calming. Like you said, relaxing, and [00:06:00] they provide tranquility and supportive. Healthy energy. These colors are also found in nature. Green is also related to your heart chakra.

If you use soft hues in the bedroom of these colors, they will promote rest and calm mm-hmm greens and blues also work on walls in most areas of your home. And green plants, whether they’re living or fake, but, you know, I love the living. mm-hmm mm-hmm they promote healing and growth as well.

If you want to be more aligned with that feeling of growth, then Jade is going to be a good stone to use in your home. It’s a healing stone.

Alicja: Now let me ask you something? See, everybody’s not into like stones, right? So what would you suggest if you’re not literally into stones? I know an idea, but how would you suggest somebody would bring in a, a stone for the healing properties?

Without going out and buying some stones. I’m trying to

Dee: tell you like, oh, without going out and buying [00:07:00] Jade, listen, they’re not

Alicja: into it. I don’t have stones in my house. I don’t collect stones. Like I’m not into that. I go to houses all the time and they have the stones, in these little clusters, like, yeah, if you’re not doing that, if that’s not your thing, it doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from it.

So what would you suggest?

Dee: Well, like I said, you could just use these color. They are still gonna promote health and healing. You can use them in your room. Like my bedroom. I use a lot of teal in my bedroom.

So when it comes to, bringing in that earth strong like heavy presence, but you don’t wanna bring stones, you can find Lamps that may be made outta stone with that color. You can find accessories that have a stonelike structural quality, and you can bring that into your home if you’re not into stones.

Right. Crystals rather they come from the earth and the earth is where all the energy is. You could use plants as well for their color. You know, it has been proven by [00:08:00] science that if you stand on concrete grass, sand, if you stand on top of it and they scan your body, you will see, the energy areas light up differently in your body.

And it does change the electromagnetic field within your body. So if you were to ground in your. Own home in your own area, then you’re gonna become more connected with that surrounding. Even if you go visit a new place, if the first thing that you do is you ground.

When you get there, you’re connecting your energy, field to that new location. Every area has a different energy field and things like that. This is why eating local foods is important.

And I’m not saying when they say locally grown, cuz a lot of times I’m in New York. It might come from like New Jersey. That’s not local but if you have like a farm near your house and you buy the fruits and vegetables from there, those plants are better equipped [00:09:00] to help you with seasonal allergies and other viruses and things that might be happening in your area because the plants are absorbing and fighting it.

I would say dark colors, suggest elegance and maturity. And we just finished talking about that. When we said that, you know, you would wear a black in a wedding or when you would wear black.

And I do that when I am dressing, because I want people to feel like they can trust my decisions and they believe that I have experience and it helps to suggest elegance and maturity.

Alicja: Now the light and neutral , and clean colors like beiges and even white and pale pinks, those will suggest wellbeing.

So we have to make sure that we, I think we’ve used that in our, in our logo.

Mm-hmm the beige

logo, our new logo. And it suggests wellbeing. Oh, Let’s say if you [00:10:00] want it to be jarring and you want it to get attention, the number one color combination is black and red. And I don’t like that in an interior space as a rule, but a lot of people do and I’ve seen it in a lot of look at your face. I can’t you right now, but people do black and red all the time.

And I’m like, what are you trying to say to the people

Now I’m sure that can be done tastefully. I am so certain. I just think that it is the saturation of those colors.

Dee: Yeah. Saturation is important.

Yeah. Yeah. So earth tones also make you feel cozy and make you wanna hibernate. So

Alicja: Let me ask you a question.

How, if we know these things are used in businesses, like for instance, Spotify and whole foods, they use this vibrant green color.

Right because that green is supposed to indicate life and vitality. And so they want people to associate that with their branding. So what about and money? Right, right, right. And so wait a minute. Can we [00:11:00] use those philosophies, those ideas in our homes to stimulate abundance or prosperity?

Dee: Well prosperity, and abundance in Feng an abundance Shui, they would use purple. So if you were to find your wealth area, according to the bagua map, if you’re into Shui, then you would use purple in that area. The Chinese use red. but that’s cultural appropriation.

You can’t use red.

Alicja: What do you mean you can’t use red?


Dee: Because there’s there’s like a whole science and it’s very deep. Okay. When, when it comes to that, but purple does symbolize abundance. And so if you’re looking to promote prosperity and things like that, you would use, purple.

So that’s how you can invite some of these things into your home.

I wanna present to you, Ooh. A question from one of our listeners.

Oh, special segment. Special segment.

Alicja: Okay. So one of our listeners sent me a, a note and wanted to know since they only have one main bathroom in their home, they [00:12:00] wanted to make that bathroom special. It’s not a large bathroom. It’s probably only I’ve been in there. . Well, the floor space is only five feet by four feet.

It’s small. Okay. And then there’s the tub, right? The tub is five by three. Small, small, small, and this is for the whole house. Now they wanted to know what colors should they focus on on the walls. And they had found a very decorative tile for the floor.

And they wanted to know if they should specifically lean in a direction of color for that space. You know, be a place that they could clean easily and, they wanted it to be both inspiring in the morning and soothing at night. And the question is, can that space do both of those things. And what color should they focus?

Dee: So, yes, I feel like you can do both of those things.

You can be inspired and calm at night, but that would depend on at night, your [00:13:00] lighting of course. Right. Mm-hmm change the lighting to help change the mood of the space. Like I said earlier, how do colors make you feel? What colors resonate with you? So what colors to the listener, listener, what colors resonate with you? Are you inspired by calming colors of blues and greens? Are you more inspired by neutral tones? How much light does this room get in the morning? Because if they do like a darker color and they decide to do that in the morning, will the bathroom appear lighter? Because of all the light that’s coming in or will it appear that dark cave-like soothing color at night, so, and in the morning?

That again is gonna depend on the light for the space,

Alicja: how we work it. Because the lighting is a definite element that we haven’t discussed. We’ve probably discussed it in previous episodes, but lighting is a huge component where you can take a space from bright and [00:14:00] inspiring in the morning to more dim and sultry at night, you know?

Dee: So,

Alicja: yeah. Yeah. I really appreciate that advice. That’s good advice. And I’m gonna make sure that they listen to the episode and they hear that. But yeah, that’s good. So they can probably pick whatever color speaks to them.

Dee: Definitely because that’s, what’s gonna make them feel inspired. Right. Mm-hmm what makes me feel inspired?

Doesn’t make you feel inspired. So

Alicja: there’s no right or wrong there that’s good.

Dee: There’s never a right or wrong when we come to interior design, you know because it’s so personal.

Alicja: I believe you have to know the rules so that you can break them. I know I’ve said that a million times, so I do believe there’s right and wrong when it comes to space planning, and design concepts.

Dee: And guys, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] interiors.com. And so that way we could read your question on the air

so. That was our show. Thank you so much guys, for joining us. I am so appreciative. [00:15:00] Let me tell you, we took two months off and you guys are still listening. Thank you so very, very much. We love you

Alicja: It hasn’t been two months yet.

Oh, well it will be,

Dee: it will be. Yeah, we’re recording all these episodes.

Alicja: We appreciate you so much. I have to just say this like two-minute thing. D and I have been on our own journey. Right. And so what’s important I think for our listeners to know, is that our goal is to bring you the most inspiring information, not just information for information’s sake.

Cause you can go Google. You know what I mean? You could go YouTube and Pinterest

Dee: and okay. Stop giving them ideas. okay.

Alicja: But you could do all of that. You don’t listen. I think you need us. I want you to need us

or else we wouldn’t be doing this, but what I really feel that is in just like anything in life inspired action, the inspired advice or inspired motivation that you get from us will help you to [00:16:00] make decisions that are right for you and right for your spaces and your lives. We’re hoping that that’s what we’re praying it will do, right?


Dee: yeah. I want people to be intentional about their decisions and think more about how it’s gonna make them feel, not what they’ve seen, not what they’ve. Think their home is supposed to look like, but think about how it’s gonna connect your mind, body, and soul, you know, how are you gonna feel inside?

How’s it gonna affect your health, your mental health, all those different things. It’s your safe Haven. So it’s true. We want you to be inspired toward wellness and happiness within your home. So. This is your weekly dose of wellness.

This is tea over interiors. Thank you again so much for joining us. We really appreciate you guys so very much, and we’ll see you next week, Jill. Bye guys.

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