Tea Over Interiors Presents: HAUNTED HOUSES

Alicja and Dee often work closely with Realtors and Real Estate Investors. We thought it would be fun for the week of Halloween to share some stories from realtors about their experiences with haunted houses. These stories are not super scary, but we don’t know your level of tolerance. Listen at your own risk as Dee recounts these tales of terror. Be sure to share with your friends and follow along each day for a new story. Give us a follow or a review on your favorite podcast app so we can learn and grow. Thanks for your support and enjoy!

Excerpt from Episode:

Hello Listener, it’s me Dee. This week I will be dropping into your feed with a few scary stories, about haunted houses and the such. So tune in all week until Halloween. Happy listening! Tonight’s episode is about leaky basement pipes. Let’s listen in to see how it ends. BwhahahahaPlease be sure to follow if listening on spotify, review if on Apple podcasts and Favorite if on Anchor, help us grow! This podcast is made with Descript. Sign up for free and start editing and transcribing today. This episode was adapted from a story from https://www.theceshop.com/agent-essentials/blog/3-real-estate-agents-haunted-house-stories

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