Tea Over Interiors Episode 23: Sofa Vs. Sectionals, which to choose?


This week we are discussing the features and benefits of sofas vs sectionals. We get very excited and have different opinions. In this episode you will learn:

1. What to consider when deciding on a sofa vs sectional.

2. How to consider construction and materials

3. Learn so tricks of the trade.

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Episode 23: Sofa Vs. Sectional, which is better?

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Dee: [00:00:00] I’m D

Alicja: I’m Alicia

Dee: And welcome to Tea over Interiors. T oday’s topic, we will be discussing sofas versus sectionals

which one should you choose? But before we get to that, Alicia, I needs to know, what you sippin’ on.

Alicja: You gave me this tea that I just wanted us to have together. Caramel shortbread and you want to tell us what it is? It’s so nutty and buttery.

Dee: Yes. So caramel shortbread is basically made with. Willow bark. Elderberries almonds, hazelnuts, raisins, brown sugar, and almond. It’s delicious.

It’s made to taste like a cookie without being a cookie cookie

Alicja: With like creamy caramel.

Dee: Yeah. It’s delicious. Loving it. Okay. So it is time for Deee’s randomness. [00:01:00] Okay, Alicia. Yeah. Do you know who invented cotton candy?

Alicja: No, but you’re going to tell me

Dee: Yes. Cotton candy was invented by get this.

Alicja: Someone named cotton?

Dee: Nope.

Alicja: Oh, (Alicja laughs)

Dee: By a dentist.

How genius.

Alicja: Yeah, right. Make sure he stays in business or she,

Dee: Well, his name was William Morrison, no relation. And no one knows whether or not , he had an ulterior motive when he invented this sweet confection, but it, no doubt helped the dental profession in 1897, he partnered with candy maker, John C Wharton to develop the cotton candy machine, at that time was known as fairy floss.

And it’s been bringing kids [00:02:00] cavities ever since.

Alicja: Wow.

Dee: Yeah. Can you believe it?

All right. So now on to today’s topic. So today we’re going to be discussing sofas versus sectional, and someone asked me, what are the benefits of having a sofa over a sectional? So, Alicia, do you want to start us off and give the people some thoughts?

Alicja: I know. There are a couple of situations where sofas are definitely more desirable.

And I would say that’s typically in a more formal space, something that has a little bit more, formality. I’ll tell you this a lot of times. I liked to. And so do you, we like to float our sofas or sectionals in the middle of the room so that it gives the, especially if the back of it is kind of interesting.

So it gives the room of feeling of being, anchored and the [00:03:00] sofa becomes the focal point. If you have the space for it. A really nice size sofa or sectional, with a substantial Ottoman can anchor a room too. So it kind of depends on how much space you have that usually dictates to me whether you go with a sofa or a sectional, but more important.

It’s kind of the feeling that you want the room to have. If you have a formal space, you want to get like a more traditional sofa. And if you have a relaxed, casual space and decor, then a sectional is usually the go-to. There are so many nuances. That it’s just ridiculous because also sofas are not equal.

All sectionals are not equal. You have to consider scale. That’s important. And you also have to, figure out what type of decor and style you’re going for and the casual nature or the formal nature of the space.

So there’s so many variables.[00:04:00]

Dee: We were always talking about what are your goals for your space? I don’t think a sofa or a sectional one is better than the other unless, you know, depending on the style, you know, if it’s like a big ugly sectional, then you know, that’s horrible.

Don’t put that in your house, just kidding, I think it’s what is the function of your seating in that space. So if we’re talking about a living room

and your living room is your main space, if you like to have a lot of family time, then you may consider a sectional. So for example, , my husband and I we’ve always had sectionals least have a really large sectional. Am I like. Home because we have the space for it.

We used to have a lot of movie nights because we can be comfortable in living room.

And so theChaise was always my spot and I loved it. So it really depends what you’re going to be doing in the room in which you need to put that seating. So, you know, I thought my [00:05:00] living room still looked great with the sectional. I would have loved a sofa love seat chair, combination. My husband and my son, they would not have been able to recline and relax and watch television.

And I definitely was not getting a motion sofa that was like out the question. I’d only get a motion sofa. If we had a basement. I don’t want people walking in on my first floor. And that’s what I have. If that’s what you have no problem that it’s to each his own. But I’m just saying, I feel like that’s something that is not, you know, an introductory piece.

That’s not a piece I want to see when I walk in my house, I love floating sofas because I feel like, like you said, it anchors our room and it helps, look larger. And if you have a really large room, it helps you to divide up the space.

I don’t like furniture against the wall. It feels crowded. It feels like there’s no other place to put me. So they stuck me here. But in some cases you do have to put sofas against a [00:06:00] wall because of the size of the space. . But like you said, scale is very important. So that is the number one thing you need to think about when deciding what you’re going to choose for your space.

L shaped sofas are great for small spaces. I have one in my space currently, and yes, it’s in the middle of the floor. Everyone thought I was crazy when I told them that’s where I was going to put it until I put it there. And they realized why, because it divided the space and it created the walkway to the opening, to the kitchen.

So L-shaped sofas are great for, limited space. And I always love things that are dual function. You know, I think all your furniture should be multipurpose. So my sofa comes out from this side that is not an L normally, and everyone has their own, you can say chaise to lay on there is three of us. So everyone, when it’s time to watch TV, we pull it out and we just all watch TV, or you can do modular [00:07:00] sectionals where you can move it all around and create different seating. So again, it’s the goal. It’s how many people are going to be using the space and what you’re using the space for wouldyou agree with that alicia?

Alicja: Totally agree with that. Absolutely. Without a doubt.

Dee: Buying a sofa and a sectional materials are very important. Right? Alicia, wouldyou say that, Yeah, definitely talk a little bit about materials quickly.

Alicja: So for instance, you have grades of fabrics, but your entry level is like a very clean canvassy type of. Fabric it slipped covers can be done in them. And you could always go up to like Belgian linen, and you can, you can really spend a lot of money on your fabrics. But a casual fabric is like a nice clean cotton duck, right.

Something that is. Super easy to maintain. And even if you have, the surface can be treated. It’s easy to maintain and keep, especially if you have [00:08:00] family and a lot of people over and you’re going to use it, you know, and it’s not just going to sit there looking pretty. I think that is the most common the most easy to take care of.

Dee: Yes, but what do you feel about microfiber

Alicja: so the microfibers are very, I hate a dirty microfiber. It’s just, it gets dirty. So fast. They’ll tell you that. It’s the easiest thing to keep clean. When you go to. A furniture store.

Dee: You have to vacuum your furniture quite often once a week, at least to maintain it and keep it clean and you need a good upholstery brush to clean that microfiber.

Alcohol also cleaned certain microfibers, but you just have to be careful with how you apply it. Cause you can’t saturate microfiber, but it can be easy to clean, especially if it’s been treated.

And that’s the other thing, the cushions inside of your sofa. Oh my gosh. That’s so important, right?

Alicja: Different densities,

Dee: different densities, different structures. I [00:09:00] mean, we’re not going to get into the eight way hand tie, but that. That’s a very important feature you have in your sofas to keep them lasting longer.

You’ll have them forever, but a lot of times the spring sofas, the Springs can go bad after awhile.

Alicja: Have you noticed this was kind of a sidebar, but have you noticed that people really don’t keep a sofa? Like they used to back in the day? So that eight way? Yeah. It’s not as, it’s not as desirable because folks want to buy a sofa for the look and then they’ll get rid of it.

No, buy something out there do you find that?

Dee: I find that with certain, I don’t want to say this, but it’s true with certain level of clientele. You know, they do like the things that they love and last longer, and you’re still into the quality, of a piece because you can have, if you have the money, you [00:10:00] can have really gorgeous sofa.

That’s on trend forever and that’s made to last forever, you know, like Barbara Barry or, , I just had a brain fart about some of the better quality made furniture, but, , you know, they’re classic. You know, you change the pillows and you have like a new look. You don’t have to change the actual sofa, but I noticed people in certain brackets, they, you know, they waste money.

Unfortunately they buy. Lower quality for, like you said, the look it’s not comfortable. But there’s a lot of manufacturers that are available still to the trade that have the look and the comfort.

And a lot of people don’t have access to that. If they’re buying retail

Alicja: Yeah, I agree with that. Absolutely.

Dee: I really hate to think. I really hate that some furniture is made so poorly that people have to get rid of it with any [00:11:00] year or two, because that furniture is going to end up in a landfill.

But don’t get me started because I don’t know our audience doesn’t know I’m a semi tree-hugger.

Alicja: Right, right. , let me tell you something, I am, this is not a plug for habitat for humanity, the restore, but I love that place. My girlfriend came to me, showed me the picture and said, what do you think? Handmade custom made sofa for seventy-five dollars. You know, it’s a five it’s actually an $8,000 sofa.

I said, oh my God, do you have that in your car? She’s like, no, I was wondering what you thought. I said, get in the car, go back. She’s like what? I said, I don’t, I don’t care what you are doing right now. Go back and get it. Awesome, those places are, she didn’t even know what Lee industries was. She was like, I don’t know what you’re talking about that time,

Dee: Like. Oh look at that.

Alicja: For that bad boy, [00:12:00] you are winning. This is a win-win girl . They don’t know what they’re looking at half of the time. That’s the thing. I think that thing was sitting there for $75.

Like. And people walking past it. I get very excited about these things. Wonderful.

Dee: I can tell, as you guys know if you’re looking for stuff, I mean, when I’m looking for stuff, I go to Alicia, like, let me tell you, she can find she’s just like the deal.

Alicja: I am the furniture whisperer

Dee: Yeah.

Alicja: There are so many pieces like that out there, whether you’re looking for something or you have something you can make it work. I don’t even want to get stuck into needing to choose between.

Find an awesome piece and I will rock whatever you have find that awesome piece and we’ll make it work, right?

Dee: Oh, definitely. [00:13:00] Once, we know what you need to use the space for and how you’re using it. Definitely. That is one of the reasons why you hire an interior designer.

We have access to things. We have knowledge about. Purchases to help you save money, not just upfront, but in the long run, when you don’t have to keep buying a sofa every two years, you know, because it got stained or something, cause you didn’t know that the fabric you purchased was not, was not a good fabric, you know, and it wasn’t going to wear well, we could look at things and be like, that’s not going to wear well, don’t buy that.

You know,

Alicja: that’s a whole nother discussion between upholstery.

Not upholstery fabrics like drapery weight. Fabulous. I get very excited about my interior, but yeah, just really, really cool. Be really careful about whether you use the right fabric. It’s gonna make all the difference in the world and how it wears. [00:14:00] Right?

Dee: Exactly. Closing arguments. Alicja go. Sofa versus sectional.

Alicja: Oh, I do. I need to reiterate, uh, please help me , why don’t you close the argument today?

Dee: So basically it’s sofa versus sectional functionality and which one’s better is again. Really up to intention goals. What are your goals and your intentions for the space? There’s not one better than the other, but there is one better than the other for your situation and for your space.

Keep that in mind. If you need further help, we are here. That’s what we do so reach out to us. Go to Tea over interiors, then you could read our, most of our episodes. I’ve had them transcribed. You can read most of our episodes or listen to our episodes. You can sign up to our newsletter, which we wont bombard people in you with lots of [00:15:00] mail, but only in the important stuff.

And you can send us a contact through our contact form and let us know if you have any questions or, you know, if you would like to schedule an appointment with us. So that’s it for this week. Thank you so much for joining me. Thank you listener for always being loyal. We see you guys out there week after the week. Thank you so much for your support. Please continue to support this podcast because we are here to grow and to provide more fun things for you. So, all right guys, take care. We’ll see you next.

Alicja: Bye.

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