Tea Over Interiors Ep.19: What are the Elements of Timeless Design

057:Why Ventilation Is Important In The Home Tea Over Interiors: Your Weekly Dose of Wellness

Sip With Us ! (David's Tea )Click to try out what we are sipping in this episode Supporting our affiliates supports this podcast.   Welcome back to Tea Over Interiors, we are a bit stuffy this episode due to allergies and poor ventilation! That is why this week we are discussing how to properly ventilate your home. Key Takeaways: 1. How to ventilate when you have company and what to do after 2. The best type of ventilation 3. Recommendations for systems and how to properly utilize windows and doors for ventilation We discussed some links in the episode such as: EPA Guide to selection air cleaners Whole house fan Our Recipe for Linen and House Spray davids tea canada, davidstea, tea mug, davids tea matcha, davids tea stock, tea promo code, davids tea iced tea, davids tea hours, david, davids tea press, tea steeper, tea mugs, tea locations, davids tea near me, davids tea toronto, davids tea candy cane crush, davids tea black friday, tea mugs, — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/teaoverinteriors/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/teaoverinteriors/support
  1. 057:Why Ventilation Is Important In The Home
  2. 056: Vacay Vibes @Home (Full episode)
  3. 055: Tea Rooms &Such
  4. 054: How to Transform Your Backyard For Entertaining This Labor Day
  5. 052: What Are Necessary Home Upgrades?

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