084 Timeless Kitchen Trends 2023

Summary Sip Dee’s Tea this week Welcome back to Tea Over Interiors. I know what your thinking not more trends. We feel the same, but this week we are discussing the top 2023 timeless kitchen trends, we believe are timeless. Key takeaways: 1. Should I do a slab backsplash? 2. Should I go with a…

082 Are dining rooms still necessary?

In this episode, we tackle an interesting question: Is the formal dining room necessary? In modern homes, open-plan living spaces have become increasingly popular, leading to less-defined areas for specific uses, such as dining rooms. This has left many people, especially homebuyers and homeowners, questioning whether the formal dining room is still necessary or not.

081 Tea Infused Interior Design

Welcome to Tea Over Interiors Podcast. In today’s episode, we’re going to explore an interesting topic – “Tea in Interior Design”. As we know, tea is not just a beverage, it’s a culture, and it has a significant impact on our daily routines. For many, tea is the elixir of life that brings people together,…


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